Economical and High-Volume Solutions

At Ryko, we know that automobile dealerships like yours have a variety of needs when it comes to keeping cars looking their best – and it all begins with the size and function of your car wash operation. Large, multi-franchised dealers with a shared, co-located car wash may handle over 200 vehicles per day. Single-point dealerships may wash 40 vehicles per day, and perhaps your business falls somewhere in between.

Are you looking for a basic wash and rinse – or do you want a more detailed wash including wax, dry, under carriage and wheel scrubs? Some dealers only wash the vehicles they repair and service, while others wash their entire fleet and even offer “free car washing” for life to the original buyer. As a dealer, your options are nearly limitless.

We understand that implementing a car wash is a good opportunity to differentiate your dealership. But how do you take the next step? Ryko is here to help.

TrainingCount on Ryko for comprehensive employee training that we have developed with a central theme in mind – optimizing your car wash performance and ensuring maximum revenue and margin growth.

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