New Investors




New Car Wash Investors

Thinking of opening a car wash? You’re in the right place. Ryko has the experience, knowledge and support you need to get started—and to run your profitable car wash investment into the future. Where will we start?

Getting Started

The first step to opening your new car wash is a site evaluation and our strategic consultation. With more than 40 years of car wash-industry experience, we can advise you on every aspect of building and growing your business. Whether you need help with site design, equipment procurement, car wash operations, marketing—or all of these things—Ryko is the one-stop shop for all your car wash needs. Our comprehensive process is tailored to your needs and includes site configuration and planning, permitting, car wash equipment selection and construction management, all the way up to operation help.

We understand that speed to market is critical, whether you’re purchasing and upgrading existing car wash equipment, using our all-inclusive modular building setup or constructing your car wash from the ground up with Ryko as your general contractor.

Working with Ryko takes the guesswork out of how your facility will operate and what kinds of permits and approvals you will need from local utilities and municipalities. Our experts are ready to help you open your doors on time and on budget.

Financing Options

Over the years, we have established unique and valuable relationships with financial partners including Ascentium Capital, Patriot Capital Corporation and Capitol Leasing & Financing Service. Our relationships give you access to cost-effective, appropriate funding packages that far outweigh anything else available in the industry.

All-In-One Service, Support and Chemicals

Once your car wash is up and running, look no further for your all-in-one service and support solution with Ryko. We offer a national network of factory-trained service technicians and the maintenance packages, car wash support and chemical delivery services that will keep your car wash profitable.

Contact us today for help finding the perfect formulation for your car wash.


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