Quality, Convenient and Superior Cleaning

Ryko’s quality self serve wash systems give owners the ultimate in flexibility along with customer convenience. Our self serve systems are scalable and can be built to suit your standards and specifications. Ryko’s main self serve system, the Signature Series, offers an almost unlimited choice of options, accessories and upgrades to build the system that is right for you.

Signature Series

Our modular system features modules for pumps, electronic controls, R/O system and chemical mixing, all on one ruggedly constructed bench.

The Signature Series, a modular self-serve system, is available in five standard packages or can be built to suit your standards and specifications. Ryko offers packages including Signature Series Super System, Signature Series Deluxe System, Signature Series Deluxe Plus System, Signature Series Deluxe Advantage System, and Signature Series Ultimate System. Each package contains everything you need to have your self-service location up and running in no time, including all the hardware, hoses, fittings and necessary ancillary items such as in-bay meter boxes and even vacuums and vac islands. Each package is available for any number of self-service bays, from two all the way up to 12 bays. If one of the Signature Series packages doesn’t fit your needs, the modularity of the Signature components makes it easy to create your own self-service package.


+ Booms
+ Trigger Guns
+ Foaming Brushes
+ Foaming Conditioner Guns
+ Signage Packages
+ Wand and Brush Holders
+ Mat Holders

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