What Makes a Ryko Car Wash So Special?


Women rave about the latest fashion trends from Paris and Milan. Men dream of everything from imported cigars to imported cars. For the last fifteen years, Ryko has had a coveted import of our own. Ryko CleanTouch brushes.

Our CleanTouch brushes are manufactured in the small Italian village of Roncadello – about 30 miles northeast of Parma.  Created by the Favagrossa family, the brushes are made from a soft, gentle material that is both supple and durable.

The feather-light fabric is almost 100% water resistant and the closed-cell polymer material prevents small particles of dirt and sand from embedding into the brush material. This is what makes the brushes so unique and ideal for washing cars, as it is the micro dirt and debris that causes scratching on a car’s surface.

But the best part about these imported brushes is that in addition to cleaning your car, they help to restore the original luster and shine to your vehicle that may have been lost throughout the years. And repeat washes with Ryko CleanTouch brushes only enhance this affect.

The brushes come in a variety of 14 rainbow bright colors that can be mixed and matched into any number of combinations. Whether you want to support your local school and sports team or need to meet local zoning requirements, we can find a CleanTouch brush color combination that works for you.

Learn more about the Ryko CleanTouch technology featuring Favagrossa brushes or contact us for additional information.

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