How Ryko’s Spot Free Rinse System Will Make Your Business More Money


Rinse SystemRyko’s spot free rinse systems are a great addition for any car wash business. Not only are they a great selling point for attracting new customers, but due to the high standards and quality equipment Ryko adheres to, your car wash business has the potential to make an increased profit by using our spot free systems. But before we get into how our spot free systems can make you money, first lets cover the basics:

What is a Spot Free Rinse System?

A spot free rinse system eliminates minerals and other pollutants from the water used to wash your car, so that when the water evaporates, there is no residue from any minerals or pollutants left on your car. Using chemicals such has silicone have been used to cause the water from the wash to roll of your car and leave them spot free, but due to costs, laws or regulations, many car washes are switching to a spot free deionized or reverse osmosis system.

To help provide your car wash business with the quality service you need, we offer two different types of spot free systems for you to choose from:

Rainmaker III

The Rainmaker III uses a reverse osmosis system to capture dissolved solids in filtering members. This filtrated water is stored in a storage tank until it is needed.  Using hard water in a car wash system is a good way to leave spots and streaks on your customer’s car, so to combat this, the Rainmaker III utilizes a high efficiency water softener to help eliminate any water hardness.  With the high-quality carbon filtration system, your customers will be able to enjoy a spot free car wash.


Our Envi-R/O spot free system is perfect of areas where the use of water softeners is prohibited. Due to this, the Envi-R/O system has a lower operating cost due to eliminating the need to use water softener and maintenance on that system. Despite the lack of a water softener, the Envi-R/O system still delivers the top quality spot free rinse your customers need. To eliminate all minerals and pollutants and deliver a spot free wash, the Envi-R/O system uses high efficiency, low energy membranes to filter the water used in the wash.

How a Spot Free System Makes You Money

Using a quality spot free system in your car wash business is a great way to attract new customers and to keep any returning customers coming back. A spot free system is a great advertising point to focus on and will keep your car wash business competitive as well. With the combination of high pressure nozzles and high efficiency equipment, our spot free rinse systems will keep your water efficiency high and your water bills low. Another point to keep in mind is operating costs:

Using a spot free system will keep your operating costs significantly lower than if you stick with a chemical solution. Replacing the chemicals to keep up with demand is not only expensive, but some chemicals can be harmful to the environment or people if handled incorrectly.

With proper marketing and information regarding your new spot free system, attracting new customers and making them stay with your car wash business will be easier than ever.

For more information regarding Ryko’s Spot Free Rinse Systems, call 888-991-0342


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