Width and Height Wash Dimension
Frame to frame 105”
At wheel scrub 90”
Wash-height, floor-to-top nozzles 90”


Width and Height Wash Dimension
Minimum bay width 14’4”
Minimum bay height 11’00”

Minimum Bay Length

Unobstructed Bay Length Maximum Vehicle Length for Double-Brush Pass Vehicle Front and Triple-Brush Pass Vehicle Rear Minimum Vehicle Length for Triple-Brush Pass Vehicle Front and Triple-Brush Pass Vehicle Rear
36’0” 21’6” 20’0”
38’0” 23’6” 22’0 ”

International & North America Utility Requirements

Category 208V/230V, 60 HZ, 3 Phase 380V/415V, 50 HZ, 3 Phase
Standard Wash Machine 50 Amps 32 Amps
Wash Machine with Onboard Dryers 125 Amps 80 Amps
High-Pressure Pump Stand 70 Amps 32 Amps
Air 80 PSI, 6.00 CFM 80 PSI, 6.00 CFM
Water 20 GPM @ 40 PSI, 1” diameter service minimum 20 GPM @ 40 PSI, 1” diameter service minimum



Ryko introduces an all-new, in-bay wash system that offers both touch and touchless options for your customers and higher profit potential for you. The all-new MAXX 3 three-brush, gantry-style workhorse is loaded with technologically advanced features and controls including high-pressure action, FoamBrite wash material, ingenious wheel scrub, LED lighting and customizable options. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the MAXX 3 is a compact profit-maker that will have you cleaning up in no time.

  • Standard Package
  • Options
  • Accessories
  • NEW WashBuilder touchscreen programmer for custom wash packages, diagnostics and monitoring
  • Accommodates duallies and other oversized vehicles
  • Active brush control through power monitoring
  • All electric drive motors
  • Aluminum frame
  • Bay buzzer
  • Cost-effective chemical application
  • Durable, painted-steel MAXX track (floor mount)
  • Integrated, superbright LED Stop-Go driver guidance lighting
  • Open, clutter-free bay
  • Proven technology
  • Reclaim-ready wash manifold
  • Reverse osmosis ready
  • RykoNet II arming
  • RykoNet or manual activation ready
  • Exclusive halo rinse manifold
  • Steel MAXX track floor mount
  • Taillight-to-taillight overlapping front- and rear-washing carriage
  • Tall rear wash arms for large vehicles
  • Top brush cover
  • Top brush interrupt for pickup truck beds
  • TriFoam wax compatible
  • Variable-frequency drives
  • Wall- or post-mounted energy chain
  • Wash-ready, aircraft-grade aluminum, patented telescoping frame
  • Water reclamation system ready
  • Active-contouring, four-fan onboard dryer (20HP) with flow diverters
  • ColorWave finishing curtain applicator with LED accent lighting package
  • Double-extension, full-retracting wheel scrub
  • High-impact MAXX side and rear fascia covers
  • High-pressure turbo wash
  • Interior glow-effect accent LED lighting
  • MAXX Choice high-pressure, onboard top-contouring and side-turbo nozzle wash
  • Onboard precision tire chemical applicator
  • Tunnel-effect front-cover LED neon glow programmable lighting
  • Two-step presoak for MAXX Choice touchless wash packages
  • Affinity entrance and spot-free rinse arches
  • Auto door kit (loop or photo-eye)
  • Driver informational and wash package signage
  • Entrance clearance bar
  • Fixed undercar wash or undercar wash with fixed wheel and rocker panel blaster
  • Off-board SlimLine, ThrustPro and MacNeil Tech 21 dryer options
  • Rainmaker III and EnviR/O spot-free systems
  • EnterACT or PaySmart activation systems
  • UltraClear high-filtration water recovery systems