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CleanFill Concentrate Management System

We developed our patent-pending CleanFill concentrate management system to increase your profitability and ensure the safe and easy replenishment of car wash chemical products. Its docking station was engineered for compatibility with our 2.5-gallon CleanFill concentrate container, which can easily be shipped and stored. The transparent holding tank allows for easy product-level monitoring and inventory control.


  • Available in 14- and 55-gallon container unit
  • Stand-alone or interlocking container units
  • Docking station shelf to allow for easy insertion of 2.5-gallon concentrate container
  • Easy-to-view product level
  • Complete emptying with no waste
  • Reduced risk of injury or spills
  • 14-gallon units can be plumbed together for increased product capacity
  • Each container unit requires less than two square feet of floor space

CleanFill Concentrate

The CleanFill concentrate container is the perfect complement to the CleanFill concentrate management system. Each 2.5-gallon container weighs less than 25 pounds and is made of 100 percent recyclable plastic for easy disposal. Our concentrated product line allows for more applications per container at a lower per-application cost than many competitive products used in the market today.


  • Highly concentrated products
  • Enhanced user safety
  • Easy to dispose
  • Low shipping costs
  • Easy-to-manage inventory system
  • 100 percent recyclable packaging
  • Unique product ID system
  • Full-line product availability


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