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When it comes to a great car wash, customers love the details—like a deep-shining tire scrub and a powerful bug remover. Let customers see that your car wash goes above and beyond by offering these specialty products from Ryko.

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Specialty ProductsFeaturesCompatibility
Extreme Clean
  • Used as a tire, wheel and engine cleaner and bug remover
  • Effective in hot and cold water
  • Effective in hard water
All wash equipment
Reclaim Additive
  • Controls reclaim odor
  • Eliminates residual color in reclaim water
For use in equipment with reclaim water equipment
UltraShine Max
  • Silicone-fortified, water-based emulsion
  • Provides deep shine on tires and exterior, plastic trim panels
Equipment and Tireshine applicators
Wall Cleaner
  • Highly concentrated, non-corrosive, acid-based cleaner
  • Safer than hydrofluoric-based wall cleaners
  • Minimizes discoloration on metal surfaces
  • Safe for wash equipment
  • Will not etch glass
 All wash equipment


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