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We are in the business of shiny cars and that’s what our waxes, rinsing and drying cleaning fluids and surface protectants will deliver.


Foaming Waxes
Aid in rinsing and drying
Triple Foam Wax with Carnauba
  • Non-staining vivid red, blue or yellow foam show
  • Promotes beading of excess water
All wash types
Orange Shine Pro Super Foaming Wax Concentrate Now with Carnauba
  • High foam, non-staining orange dye
  • Specialty application arch package available
For use in CleanTouch foaming wax arch and all competitive foaming wax arches
Rinsing and Drying Solutions
Promote water beading
Razberry Clear Coat
  • Ultra-concentrated, polymer-fused formulation
  • Protective layer for all clear-coat surfaces
All wash types
Clear Coat Protectant
  • Polymer-fortified formula
  • Longer-lasting protectant than traditional waxes or drying agents
All wash types
Wax Luster R
  • Our most popular drying agent
  • Economically priced
  • Reduces windshield wiper smudging
All wash types
Rinse Off
  • Sheeting or plating water dispersal
  • Will not leave residual spotting or smudging
Recommended for use in wash environments with high-powered air dryer function, added to spot-free rinse water
Sealants and Protectants
Competitively low per-wash cost
  • Best-performing surface sealant on the market
  • Foaming or non-foaming application
  • Will not streak—even on glass
All wash types
  • Non-staining vivid yellow foam show
  • Provides a protective layer on all surfaces
For use in all competitive surface-sealant arches
Citrus Shine
  • Economically priced
  • Reduces windshield wiper smudging
  • Citrus scent
All wash types

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