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The Worry-Free Car Wash Dealers Trust

Running a dealership is a lot of hard work and the last thing you need to worry about is a car wash system that doesn’t keep up with your demands. Relax. Ryko gives you a better car wash system and the best chemicals and service when you need them.

With Ryko, worry-free means you can:

  • Clean inventory faster
  • Wash trade-ins before determining value
  • Offer free washes to customers
  • Discount washes to non-service customers
  • Build confidence in your brand
  • Relax and sell clean and shiny vehicles

And with the Ryko 360 complete car wash program, you get everything you need to keep your business running smoother.

Quality Systems

A full line of high-performance soft-touch and touchless wash systems that clean better.


Hands-on course with fully operating Ryko systems and wet lab, the only one of its kind in the nation.


Specially formulated, high-performance CleanTouch cleaning solutions cut through grime better.

Service and Parts

Millions of dollars in Ryko and competitor parts delivered faster for less downtime.


Faster response from more than 300 factory-trained technicians that keep you up and running.

Full Equipment Lineup

Worry-Free is Working for Other Dealers

CSI is huge from a manufacturer perspective. The best way to [improve our CSI] is to ensure that we’re delivering a clean, well-serviced vehicle every single time. [Having a Ryko car wash] has had an impact. We haven’t had a complaint of damage, which impacts a CSI score very quickly, as well as delivering that clean car every single time. It has absolutely helped.

– SEAN SELLERS, General Manager, Charles Gabus Ford

Turn your cost center into a profit center

A car wash system does more than just wash cars at your dealership; it creates opportunities for profit. Offering a free wash for service customers and discounted washes to existing non-service customers and even opening your wash to the public can be very beneficial:

  • Reinforce the good impression of your dealership
  • Keep customers happy (and happy customers are repeat customers)
  • Build confidence in your brand
  • Bring in additional revenue
  • Bring new prospects to your business


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