SoftGloss Mini-ExpressWith Wheel and Tire Add-Ons
Technical RequirementsStandardMetric StandardMetric
Tunnel length35′10,668 mm35′ 10,668 mm
Tunnel width15′4,572 mm15′ 4,572 mm
Tunnel height12′3,658 mm12′ 3,658 mm
SoftGloss Mini-ExpressWith Wheel and Tire Add-Ons
Electrical208 V 200 AMP460 V 100 AMP
Water85.1 GPM · 322.1 L/min105 GPM · 397.5 L/min
Air8 CFM · 226.5 L/min
90 PSI Min-6 BAR
10 CFM · 283 L/min
90 PSI Min-6 BAR

The Ideal Retrofit Solution for Auto Dealers, Fleets and C-Stores

If you’ve got 35 feet of bay space and an underperforming in-bay automatic car wash, we’ve got what you need to make the switch to a profit-producing mini-tunnel car wash. Ryko’s SoftGloss Mini-Tunnel puts the industry’s best mini-tunnel retrofit solution into the smallest space, setting you up to potentially triple your vehicle throughput.

It Pays to Convert

  • Easy conversion for slow-moving, in-bay automatics requires just 35 feet (including conveyor track)
  • Compete with the upsurge in express tunnels in your market
  • Triple your throughput to as many as 50 cars per hour
  • Pump up your profits with wheel and tire add-ons
  • Cut installation costs with minimal downtime and little or no site changes
  • Save even more through reduced water and chemical usage
  • Standard Package
  • Options
  • Accessories
  • 35-feet express conveyor
  • Air panel
  • Correlator – MacNeil RC120
  • Express arches
  • Motor control center (MCC)
  • Pumping station
  • Top-side combo wash
  • Water panel
  • Express arches
  • Tire scrubber
  • Tire shiner
  • Spot-free water conditioners
  • High-pressure wheel cleaner