Strike the right Chemical Balance!   A clean car starts with the right chemicals. Choose a brand that’s made to perform in the toughest conditions, and cuts through grime for maximum results, time and time again.   Have you experienced the CleanTouch? Our products combine the best in wash products to drive customer loyalty and keep […]

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When a customer pulls up to your car wash, the menu is the first impression of what you can offer them. Creating a great car wash menu takes planning. Provide options that allow a customer to feel confident when making a decision. If there’s […]

When it comes to a car wash system, it’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, but whether you’re the new kid on the block or the neighborhood’s old favorite, adding to your system can add up to more revenue.  Streamline your service When adding a new feature to your car wash, consider an addition […]

New technology has made cars smarter, faster and more efficient than ever before. But even though new car features have undergone thousands of hours of research and development, some of the elaborate additions have kyboshed the clean process in the automatic car wash world.  What’s triggering the complications? Features like forward collision avoidance are great […]

Equipment breaks down. It’s an expensive reality. However, having unsafe conditions while car wash equipment is being fixed or undergoing maintenance is even more costly. An accident or injury while equipment is being fixed can cost your operation. While the injured workers may be able to receive compensation for a workplace injury, you will be down a […]

When you finally decide to open a car wash business, you’ll have to decide what kind of car wash you want to operate. Tunnels are an attractive option, with their quick service times and a variety of tech-savvy equipment options. Automatics have come a long way from dingy wash towels and bristled brushes and provide […]

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the flurry of car wash customers clamoring to get summer ready and brush off winter’s dirt and grime. The busiest time for a car wash is often during the winter months, and traffic tends to cool after the initial spring flurry. During the summer slowdown, it can be […]

In today’s competitive market, customers look for convenience. With rising c-store options on the market, it’s more important to stand out now than ever before. A variety of services, like a car wash, provides a one-stop shopping experience for busy consumers. If you don’t have a car wash at your convenience store, it’s time to […]

Strike the right chemical balance   A clean car starts with the right chemicals. Choose a brand that’s made to perform in the toughest conditions, and cuts through grime for maximum results, time and time again. Have you experienced the CleanTouch? Our products combine the best in wash products to drive customer loyalty and keep […]

How to know if converting to a Mini Express Tunnel is Right for You Converting your car wash to a Mini Express can count when it comes to your bottom line, but how can you determine if a conversion is the right choice for you? What to consider Survey the space: Get out your measuring […]

Our must-have guide to proper maintenance before your equipment fails   Equipment that performs well can help increase business and improve your bottom line, but poor-performing equipment can cause business to grind to a halt. Equipment failure can happen to any part at any time, and it’s often at the worst time. A shutdown will […]

A new year is a great time to evaluate and change up your marketing plan. Jump into 2019 by adding new initiatives that will help promote your car wash and foster growth. Consider adding an unlimited wash plan An unlimited wash plan is beneficial to both you and your customer. Not only will help bring […]

Why should a car dealership invest in an automatic car wash? For starters, for a dealership, car care is part of the day-to-day routine. Customers expect to be greeted by row upon row of clean, shiny cars each time they step onto the lot. A dealership is a perfect playground for clean car care! Here […]

Competition is fierce, so how can you step up your game and stand out from the wash down the block? How can you attract new customers, and keep the loyal ones coming back time and time again? Here’s a few ways to make your car wash shine. Create a Presence If you’re not online, it’s […]

You’ve built a new car wash, now it’s time to drive traffic to your site. A successful marketing plan can leverage your offerings, attract customers and keep them coming back. Today’s operators have many tools at their disposal to help promote a car wash, from social media to billboards to smartphone apps. Here’s a few […]

Engage, learn and grow at this year’s NACS event Want to grow your bottom line? Each year, the NACS Show brings over 23,000 convenience store and fuel industry professionals together to network, learn, sell and grow. The latest and greatest Browse the 400,000 sq. ft. expo and discover the latest in c-store products and services. […]

As a car wash owner, you should be prepared for the influx of customers that will roll up to the door as the temperature cools down. It’s hard to think about winter when the sun is still shining, but winterizing should begin long before the seasons change. Check out our quick and easy tips to […]

A car wash is a great addition to any convenience store operation. They help drive volume at both the pumps and in the stores, and a well-performing car wash will encourage customers to visit the store and make additional purchases, increasing store revenue. Here’s a few ways to help up-sell your car wash at your […]

Education for Success In any industry quality training is the linchpin for future success. But, can an already successful carwash business benefit from employee training? National Carwash Solutions (NCS) believes the answer is yes and they created a unique and effective program to prove it. It’s called the College of Clean (COC) and it provides […]

Customers love the power and convenience of a touchless car wash A state-of-the-art, automated touchless system is a great draw for car wash customers. Here’s a few reasons why touchless systems are getting all the love. For starters, nothing comes in contact with a vehicle during the wash cycle, greatly reducing the incidence of vehicle […]

Transform yourself into a true car wash expert! Our car wash training is unique and a step above the rest. You wouldn’t drive without a license, so why invest in a car wash without the right education? The College of Clean offers interactive training programs in a dynamic training facility. Here, you’ll receive a hands-on […]

Top tips to keep your car wash business hot for the summer season.   It’s that time of year when the sun comes out and the customer’s line up to get their cars summer-ready after months of dirt and grime. But often, car wash businesses tends to cool off after the initial flurry, and customers […]

Amplify your car wash experience and keep them coming back by adding fun into the function of your car wash Have you considered adding a little excitement to your car wash experience? Not only will it will help differentiate you from the car wash down the street, it will help drive a customer’s purchasing decisions […]

Kickstart your learning and network with industry greats, all under one roof The upcoming NADA Show (National Automobile Dealers Association) is an annual four day event from March 22nd to 25th in Las Vegas. So why go? Industry leaders and manufacturers gather to learn about the latest industry trends and browse the newest in products […]

We’re all looking for ways to attract customers and boost sales at our car wash. Finding new ideas to improve a car wash business can be challenging. Start with the basics, including a few simple tips to optimize your convenience store operations. 1. First impressions count. Poor lighting, dirty windows, blocked walkways and old, faded […]

Car Wash Safety 101: Protect Yourself with Our Tips A commercial car wash is a busy place with its own set of hazards, from cars coming and going to handling chemicals and working with large mechanical systems. Always put safety first. Our tips will help safeguard against injuries and keep your car wash running smoothly. […]

Get into the holiday spirit at your car wash with a few fun, simple tips. Give out calendars Lots of businesses hand out calendars around the holiday season. It’s relatively simple to design one yourself or hire a local printing company to design one for you. Include photos of classic or sporty cars and be sure […]

It’s cold, it’s damp and it’s wet. For employees that work outdoors year round, the cooler temps create slick surfaces, and a prolonged exposure to the chill can prompt an increase in cold related illnesses and injuries. When working outdoors, knowledge is the best defence. Know how to prepare, what to wear and what will […]

Are you satisfied with the way your car wash is growing? Often, new business owners jump into ownership without realizing what it really takes to create success. As a business owner, know the pitfalls that might be stunting your growth and steer clear of them. The future of your car wash growth is in your […]

During this year’s NACS show held at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, IL, Ryko revealed its new and freshly improved suite of products and services: Paysmart XT Rainmaker HP Pump stand NCS Trax NEW Colorwave on Radius Check out this post event video to learn more on what’s new and improved at Ryko:   […]

Winterizing should begin long before customers roll up to the door. As the temps cool down, car wash owners should prepare for the influx of customers that are sure to roll in as the weather turns. Here’s some quick and easy tips to help ensure you’re car wash system doesn’t freeze up and freeze you […]

A successful car wash starts with understanding every facet of the business. What is the best location? What type of car wash should you invest in? What are the pros and cons of buying an existing car wash versus a new construction? What are the equipment options? While some choose the route of learning by […]

What is the NACS Show? An annual event for the convenience and fuel retail industry, the NACS Show draws over 23,500 professionals from around the world. Network and connect with industry peers and experts, and explore thousands of products to help fuel your business, all under one roof. Learn how to increase sales, attract customers, […]

To be a lean, mean, cleaning machine, you have to invest in the right products. All carwash chemicals are not created equal. Do you know your usage rate? Your costs? How strong are your chemicals? How effective are they? Quality products will mean a better carwash each and every time. Here’s some questions you can […]

As a carwash owner, you’ve likely been working with the same carwash equipment for many years. If your equipment is old and outdated, it might be time for an upgrade. Retrofitting your facility allows you to maximize your ROI while making the most of what you already have. How do you know it’s time to […]

Convenience stores and gas bars. They’re often a go-to place to grab fuel, snacks, lottery tickets and last minute grocery items. Adding a car wash service is a natural next step to offering all things convenient. They can turn a single service site into a multi-concept centre with a great opportunity for profit. Thinking of […]

Whether you want to stay competitive, are looking for extra income or want to attract new customers, a car wash is a great opportunity. With car ownership on the rise, owning a carwash is proofing to yield better benefits than ever before. Check out five reasons why car washes can be a great investment. 1. […]

Thinking of upgrading old car wash equipment but worried about the cost of purchasing a new system? Though the cost of purchasing new equipment can be daunting, trying to maintain old car wash equipment may end up costing thousands due to operating costs. Here’s how. Old vs. New: What’s the difference?  Today’s technology moves at a faster pace than […]

Do you have what it takes? There’s so many factors to consider when investing in a carwash business. Take the quiz and get on the road to discovering whether a carwash investment is right for you. Don’t worry, we’re not keeping score! 1. As an investor you: A. Expect to have little personal involvement. B. […]

Is it time for an upgrade? Once shiny and new, your system has served countless cars over dozens of seasons. If equipment is aging and beginning to cost money in service calls and downtime, it might be time for an upgrade. Break up, or handle the break down? Like a car engine, your equipment is […]

Thinking of attending a car wash show? In 2016, over 8000 attendees represented car care locations all over the world. There’s plenty of reasons why the car wash show is good for you and good for your business. Networking Network with key players in the industry. Gain insight from your peer group and their experiences.The […]

Spring is in the air! As colder temps give way to milder climates, it’s time to prepare for the warm months ahead. Spring cleaning is great way to get outside, enjoy the weather and clean up lingering traces of fall and winter. Yes, even car wash owners can benefit from a spring clean! After a […]

Want to start a carwash business? A carwash investment can be daunting. What should you tackle first? Scout a site location? Buy equipment? Get carwash financing. We’ve got some tips to get you going. Find the finances Starting a business is risky. Do the research and prepare a business plan that includes start-up costs and […]

For many car wash establishments, business slows down in the fall and winter months. When sales take a dip, there’s a number of things you can do to promote your car wash and keep your business afloat … and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it! Get clicking with social media Today’s […]

It’s getting cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your profits have to cool down. As the cold creeps in, carwash owners should start thinking about how to best serve their customers as they battle the elements. Snow, salt and slush can damage a cars delicate finish, and winter weather can be an unpredictable thing. Carwash owners […]

Regular maintenance of your car wash will keep customers coming back and ensure many years of safe and reliable operation.  Check out our list to help keep you in check and keep your car wash system in top shape. Daily Pressure wash the bays Check water pressure and flow Run the cycle to ensure everything is operating […]

If you’re in the process of opening a car wash, there’s lots to consider. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is location. Are you positioning your business where it can thrive? Can it be seen from the street? Is there an easy flow to the entrance and exit? Is there space to house multiple […]

Convenience stores. They’re a one-stop-shop for prepaid telephone cards, lottery tickets, snacks and last minute grocery items. A lot of convenience stores are also adding the option to fuel cars, making it a true go-to spot for all things convenient. Adding car wash services would be a natural extension to the roster of offerings. Thinking […]

You’ve invested time and money in a property and equipment. Everything is shiny and new. Maintaining your facility long-term will keep customers coming back and help ensure they have a top-notch car wash to come back to. Take it outside First impressions count. What does your facility say about you? Make sure walkways and the […]

Looking to drive up your car wash profits? Is your car wash facility optimizing your time and money effectively? Are you attracting new customers? Bringing back previous customers? We’ve highlighted a few ways you can increase your profits today. Clean up your costs Saving on water and cleaning agents will save on costs. With the environmental […]

Thinking about buying a car wash?  Here’s some great reasons to invest! You can start with little experience No experience, no problem. Though a lot of other industries require higher education or a degree, anyone can enter the car wash business and shine with a little hard work. The International Car Wash Association says that […]

Does it save time? Is it worth the money? Is the car really clean after my service? Why not just wash my car at home? Potential customers may be wonder if a professional car wash is the way to go. Check out five common questions and the answers to help educate customers on the benefits […]

Thinking of upgrading old car wash equipment but worried about the cost of purchasing a new system? Though the cost of purchasing new equipment can be daunting,  keeping old car wash equipment may end up costing thousands due to operating costs. Here’s how. Water waste  Many drought-stricken areas have implemented strict water conservation rules in an attempt to […]

Staying on top of the newer trends and changing technology can make your car wash more profitable, but planning an upgrade can be daunting. With more and more options available every day, many car wash owners don’t know where to begin. Updating tunnel equipment offers a number of advantages, such as increased energy efficiency and […]

The warmer weather is here, and driveway washing is a summer ritual that prompts car owners to break out a sponge and bucket. Should drivers invest the time and energy to clean their cars by hand or head out to the local car wash? Hand washing Hand washing requires the time, tools and energy needed […]

As the rain and road grime of spring give way to the rays of summer, bright skies and clear roads signal long lines at the car wash.  Is your car wash warm weather ready? Check out our tips to ensure you maintain a smooth operation all summer long. Tune it up It’s a great time to […]

EMV is the new standard for smart credit cards. Broadly, the term EMV is used for the technical standard, the cards themselves and the readers that accept them. Also called ‘chip cards’, most EMV cards still have the old magnetic swipe strips. As they are phased in, these new ‘chip and pin’ cards will lead […]

Creating a logo for your car wash is something that should not be done as an afterthought. All businesses benefit from a recognizable logo that lingers in the customers mind as an indelible image. Attracting New Customers One of the easiest ways to make a good first impression is the use of visual icons that […]

After a tsunami of greenwashing flooded the marketing landscape, consumers became tired and wary of companies trying to make a quick buck by claiming that they exist to be green. However, when companies make the effort to conduct business in a way that’s less detrimental to the environment, they deserve the extra business that comes […]

The first year of owning and operating a business tends to be the most difficult as you attempt to grow the profits and clientele of your enterprise. As the owner of a car wash, day-to-day business operations can take up a lot of time on your schedule, causing you to spend less time than you […]

As the owner of a car wash business, one of the most complex issues that you need to take care of are your taxes. Some people consider the IRS to be a sworn enemy, but if you know how to take advantage of tax codes and regulations that are designed to help entrepreneurs, submitting a […]

If you work at a car wash and believe that you can create your own profitable car wash business, you’re in luck. You don’t have to be a business tycon to take over your boss’ car wash, but you do have to be a bit smart about it. Starting your own small business isn’t easy but the results […]

Finding out that your car wash is due for an OSHA inspection can be stressful for you as a car wash owner. As long as you are a responsible car wash owner, you may not have anything to worry about, but it is still best to be prepared and have everything in order for the inspector. […]

Starting a new business can be a daunting task and car wash businesses are no exception. With so much planning to take care of, a few important things can be overlooked or ideas for your business can be forgotten or modified without you realizing it. That is why making a “cheat sheet” for your car […]

In recent years commercial developers have been extensively adding self-serve and automated car washes to their real estate holdings, and many people are scratching their heads wondering about the recent obsession with such a seemingly unglamorous industry. Below are four reasons why car washes are a profit center for commercial developers. $24 billion industry According to the International […]

For car wash owners interested in buying new equipment, many mistakes can be made before you even reach the buying stage. There are several questions that you should ask yourself and your potential supplier before any purchases are made. Below are 3 questions you may want to ask before purchasing new car wash equipment, in […]

Starting a car wash business may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about opening your own business, but there is a lot of potential in running a car wash business, especially if certain factors are in place. If you’re looking to make some money in an industry that […]

Deciding between different car wash systems can be very difficult. Knowing the benefits of each system is important for you in order to make an educated decision on which car wash system would be ideal for your business. Touch free systems can be a great choice for nearly every potential car wash owner. Our touch […]

Saving money not only feels good, but it is also a good business practice, especially when you own a car wash. Purchasing new car wash equipment increases your competitiveness and attracts new customers, but if you aren’t careful, you could end up making a bad choice and paying a lot more money than you should […]

Purchasing new car wash equipment can be a risky and stressful process due to a variety of factors.  Cost, reliability and financing options will influence your decision on whether or not you want to or are even able to buy the equipment you are looking for. The most important question you need to ask […]

As a business owner, safety is a number 1 concern for you, your employees and your customers. There are safety standards every business must meet, ranging from restaurants to car washes. Some business owners may not know that their car wash is unsafe until an accident happens. The U.S. Department of Labor has a list […]