Our first vacuum solution, the C-VAC, boasts the longest motor lifespan in the industry. Lasting 5-10 times longer than your traditional canister vacuums, for approximately 5,000 hours or 3-5 years. We kept maintenance in mind when designing this unit with a Filter Maintenance Indicator Light, long-life pleated filter bags that can be washed or replaced, and high flow user-friendly hoses for reduced clogging and loss of suction.
Enhance your customer experience with this powerful vacuum option!

Appearance-Enhancing Add-Ons

Enhance your customers’ wash experience with profit-enhancing options. Our ColorWave finishing curtain feature applies a curtain of colorful wax, polish or surface sealant. Plus, you can add a personal touch with customized brand logos.

  • ColorWave finishing curtain applicator with LED accent lighting package available in red, yellow or blue
  • Tunnel-effect, front-cover LED neon glow programmable lighting
  • Interior glow-effect accent LED lighting
  • High-impact MAXX side and rear fascia covers
  • Driver informational and wash package signage
  • In-bay lighting package options


Make sure your customers leave with their cars looking shiny and dry by adding one of our many dryer options.


Onboard Dryer

  • Active-contouring, four-fan onboard dryer (20HP) with flow diverters


Stand-Alone Dryers

Tire, Wheel and Underbody Cleaners

Our tire, wheel and underbody cleaning options are designed to give vehicles a more detailed clean than what you’ll find from the competition.

  • Double-extension, full-retracting wheel scrub
  • High-pressure, mechanically driven, rotating wheel wash
  • Undercar and rocker system sprayers with optional boost pump
  • Onboard precision tire chemical applicator

Water Reclamation Systems

Over the last decade, we’ve saved hundreds of millions of gallons of water and significantly decreased water costs for our customers with our water reclamation systems.

  • Rainmaker III reverse osmosis rinse system
  • Envi-R/O spot-free water reclamation systems
  • UltraClear high-filtration water recovery systems