How does an 80% profit margin sound?

That’s the average margin for car wash operations at convenience stores, and it means more than four dollars of profit for every vehicle washed. Automatic car washes, in fact, are the most profitable category in the convenience store industry, and Ryko can help get you started.

  • Most c-stores see a 30% increase in store volume after adding an in-bay automatic (IBA) wash.
  • Average profit per vehicle for IBA washes: $4.35.
  • Car washes accounted for $1.1 billion of c-store sales in 2014.

Full Equipment Lineup

Reloading with Ryko doubles daily wash count!

When we bought the property we wanted to remodel the car wash. We approached Ryko and got a brand-new wash. We have gone from 20 washes to 40. On average, it adds at least $150 a day to our bottom line, which keeps going up.

SDEEPAK KHOSA, Sunrise Petro Inc.

We stand behind our products and help you market them.

Ryko is focused on giving your customers an unforgettable experience and helping you increase your profits.

  • Our full-site marketing program offers pump toppers, banners and menus to help drive traffic.
  • Numerous add-ons (ColorWave, RainShield, TriFoam application, Chemical Tire Applicator and more) attract customers, enhance their wash experience, and allow you to raise prices and profits.
  • Our innovative, secure payment options—including the new PaySmart XT, which helps drive in-store purchases—make payment easy for customers.