Five questions answered to help curb car wash skeptics


Does it save time? Is it worth the money? Is the car really clean after my service? Why not just wash my car at home? Potential customers may be wonder if a professional car wash is the way to go. Check out five common questions and the answers to help educate customers on the benefits of a professional clean.

  1. Will a car wash damage my car?

No. Gone are the days of abrasive brush cleaners. Today’s wash systems install soft touch cloths and high-pressure water systems for a gentle, efficient clean. In fact, automatic car washes are sometimes safer, as do-it-yourselfers often don’t use enough water to effectively rinse or use the wrong soap, leaving a chalky residue on the finish. Simple mistakes can end up doing more harm than good.

  1. I’ll just wait for it to rain. Won’t that do the trick?

Don’t do a happy dance over the free rinse you got just yet. Rainwater only achieves a light rinse that leaves behind layers of dirt and streaks. The powerful clean of a car wash is the only way to remove the deeper layers of grime that would otherwise be left behind.

  1. Why should I use a professional car wash instead of washing my car at home?

Sure, you can do it at home but be prepared for the hassle. For one thing, cleaning a car at home takes time. It also requires buckets, sponges, the proper cleaning solution, and more. Should you decide to DIY it, cleaning a car at home takes care. If you don’t take the proper care, dirt and grime can collect on the sponges and cloths, scratching and damaging paint work. A professional car wash prevents all this.

  1. What if I don’t have the time and money to wash my car regularly?

A professional car wash takes a lot less time than washing a car at home. What about the cost? Washing your car at home may end up costing you more than expected. For one, you’ll use a lot of water, resulting in larger bills. You also need to have the cleaning supplies on hand.

  1. Should I wax my car if it has a gloss coat finish?

If you choose not to wax your car, it may begin to look dull and become vulnerable to wear. Waxing your car is vital in helping extend the life and beauty of your car.