Upgrade to Up the Impact of Your Carwash

Car Wash Equipment

Is it time for an upgrade? Once shiny and new, your system has served countless cars over dozens of seasons. If equipment is aging and beginning to cost money in service calls and downtime, it might be time for an upgrade.

Break up, or handle the break down?
Like a car engine, your equipment is the hub of your operation. Good equipment helps maximize carwash usage and increase your return on investment.

It’s tough to know quite when to call in a repair man, or call it quits. Here’s a few red flags. If the equipment is experiencing slow down, you are constantly facing hard-to-fix problems, burdened with pricey repairs or losing efficiency even when your equipment is running, it’s time.

Outlaw the outdated
Just because equipment still works, doesn’t mean you should hold onto it. The initial investment on new equipment can be daunting, but there’s many advantages. Not only is updated equipment environmentally friendly and energy efficient, newer equipment with the latest advancements can serve more cars and save on operating costs, increasing your total revenue and saving money in the long run.

All or nothing?
You don’t have to do it all at once. Give your site a facelift, install modern pay stations or add user-friendly technology to streamline the client experience. Add lighting or update the entry for a bigger impact and brighter show. Know where you rank. Check out the local competition and see what new tools they’ve implemented. Then, work with a professional to create a plan to get you to your upgrade goals.

Smooth operator
Not quite ready to update? Protect your investment with regular maintenance to combat problems before they start. Call on experienced professionals to ensure all parts are clean, well-oiled and in good working condition.

Ready to rumble?
Are you ready to tackle the reno? Save yourself the legwork and call in a carwash professional. They can help assess your need and provide a solution that works with your budget and overall objectives.

Want to grow your car wash business? We can help. Ask us about expanding your equipment.