Investing in Training to Drive Your Team to the Top


A successful car wash starts with understanding every facet of the business. What is the best location? What type of car wash should you invest in? What are the pros and cons of buying an existing car wash versus a new construction? What are the equipment options?

While some choose the route of learning by trial and error, bad decisions can get costly, and it’s frustrating to stumble around while you look for the answers that will get you on the right path. You wouldn’t drive a car without a few lessons would you? Armed with the right knowledge, you can confidently take the wheel and get on the road to success.

How can a new investor become industry savvy? Industry trade shows, magazines and classes are all good ways to start learning and keep learning.
A great training program is designed to give beginners a hands-on education about car wash operations. Learn how to handle the ins and outs of day-to-day car wash management from the moment you open your doors.

A training program is a small investment up front for big returns down the road. While you transform yourself into a true car wash expert, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable insight by learning from leading industry professionals.

Ryko’s College of Clean offers unique class experiences with real world, hands-on training. The New Investor Workshop takes newbies from writing a business plan to hashing out site selection and equipment options. It’s a valuable tool for those that are new to the industry.

It doesn’t stop with initial training. Don’t miss opportunities to leverage your business and maximize profits and results with ongoing training.
Ongoing training allows owners to build up their skills within the business and effectively improve their bottom line. Ryko offers workshops that provide a more in-depth look at components, chemicals, equipment and repair and car wash management.

To find out more about our workshop offerings, check our College of Clean today.