10 Areas Where Your Car Wash Needs to Be Safe


As a business owner, safety is a number 1 concern for you, your employees and your customers. There are safety standards every business must meet, ranging from restaurants to car washes.

Some business owners may not know that their car wash is unsafe until an accident happens. The U.S. Department of Labor has a list of the most frequently cited safety violations that a business may have, which all car wash owners should be aware of in order to keep their business safe.

1. Falling Hazards

Any area an employee is in danger of falling from needs to have proper safety measures in place in order to keep that from happening, such as rails. Even a 6-foot fall could potentially kill a person, especially if they land on any equipment. Any work done at your car wash that is above 6 feet off the ground needs to have proper safety measures in place before any work is done to ensure the safety of your workers.

2. Hazardous Chemicals

Many new car washes today use environmentally safe chemicals, but even these should be handled with care and labeled properly. Employees need to be trained in how to properly handle any chemicals at your business to ensure their safety and, proper protection such as gloves and eye protection should be worn. It is also important to properly store any car wash chemicals in a safe place where customers or other unauthorized personnel can’t access them.

3. Machine Safety

In most cases, car wash owners hire contractors to work on their car wash equipment, but some businesses have in-house mechanics that take care of any maintenance they may need. Working on any type of machine can be a dangerous task if you aren’t careful. Accidents can happen, even with car wash equipment. If an employee is doing maintenance on any part of your car wash, you need to make sure the equipment is powered down and that there is no risk of it accidently turning on.

4. Electrical Safety

Meeting electrical safety regulations means not only does the wiring at your car wash need to meet the safety standards set by OSHA, but your car wash equipment also needs to meet the standards as well. All electric equipment needs to be firmly secured, labeled correctly and be installed correctly. When purchasing new equipment for your car wash, it is best to use a company that has a proven record for their equipment and installation procedures in order to help keep your car wash safe.

Safety Starts with You

By meeting the safety regulations set by OSHA, you will be keeping your work environment safe for you, your employees and your customers. For more information about how you can keep your car wash safe, contact Ryko today!

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