3 Awesome Ways Ryko’s Touch Free System Will Wow You and Your Customers


Deciding between different car wash systems can be very difficult. Knowing the benefits of each system is important for you in order to make an educated decision on which car wash system would be ideal for your business. Touch free systems can be a great choice for nearly every potential car wash owner. Our touch free systems have many benefits that can help you and help maximize your profits. Here are three awesome reasons why our touch free systems will wow you and your customers.

1.  Touch Free Systems Can Handle High Volume

If you are expecting a lot of customers at your car wash business, our touch free systems are perfect for you. Both you and your customers will enjoy our high-speed and efficient touch free car wash systems. Having a high-speed wash is important for you because it will allow more customers to receive their car washes quickly with no sacrifice to quality. Not only will you enjoy your touch free system, but your customers will also enjoy having a car wash that will quickly clean their car and allow them to continue on with their day. Even if you are not expecting a high volume of customers, our touch free system will still be a good choice due to the speed at which the car washes are completed.

2. Different Options Available Based Off of Your Needs

We offer two different touch free systems, each tailored to your specific needs. Our RadiusHT system is the most advanced system currently on the market. Not only does http://canadapharmacymedonline.com the RadiusHT provide you and your customers with top performance and quality, but it will also offer many different features that will provide your business with additional revenue opportunities. Our RadisuHT system offers:

  • IMAXX or high pressure cleaning technology
  • Open bay, extra-large and vehicle friendly
  • Ultrasonic vehicle positioning
  • Smoother arm movement
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Halo rinse
  • Performance chemical delivery
  • Frost protection ready

For the more economically minded individuals who don’t want to sacrifice quality for money, our Pulse touch free system is perfect for you. Not only can the Pulse handle large volumes of customers, but it also offers many of the top qualities our RadiusHT model has. Although the Pulse doesn’t come with all of the options as our other touch free model, it still brings a lot to the table, and due to the Pulses low cost, can quickly pay for itself. Our Pulse system offers:

  • High Pressure
  • Stainless steel gantry
  • Ultrasonic vehicle positioning
  • Open bay design
  • Halo rinse
  • Reverse osmosis ready
  • Reclaim ready

3. Customer and Owner Friendly Systems

Another reason why customers will love using your touch free car wash system is that they won’t have to worry about their vehicles paint job being scratched or cracked windshields. With other car wash systems, accidents can happen, and both you and your customers will not be happy when they do. Our touch free systems are also low maintenance and use water efficient sprays to help you save money and increase your profit margin. And all of our car wash systems use eco-friendly chemicals to keep our planet healthy.

If you are interested in our touch free car wash systems, call 888-991-0342 for more information!