This Cheat Sheet Will Get Your Car Wash Business Plan Started


Starting a new business can be a daunting task and car wash businesses are no exception.

With so much planning to take care of, a few important things can be overlooked or ideas for your business can be forgotten or modified without you realizing it. That is why making a “cheat sheet” for your car wash business plan would be a great idea to help you get your business set up the way you want it.

Business Plan Today is a great resource to use to help you plan out your business strategy. To get started, there are a few areas you will want to cover in your business plan to make sure you are properly prepared.

What Services Will You Offer?

Deciding what services you will offer at your car wash isn’t as easy as you think. You should check out the area where your car wash will be located and find out what the competition is offering and try to pick services that will give your customers something new.

You want to stand out and give your customers the best car wash experience possible in order to keep them coming back and to draw new customers in.

How Many Employees Will You Have?

Calculate how many employees you will need, since you will have to factor in the costs of their paychecks plus expenses such as insurance and  training. Decide upon a management team and their responsibilities.

You may want to keep the number of employees you have to a minimum starting off to keep the costs low, because you can always open up new positions later. Having too many employees can put you in an awkward position as a business owner since you may be forced to let some of your employees go.

What Kind of Customers Are You Targeting?

Your location and customer demographics play an important role in your car wash business. If your car wash is in a high-income area, that can open up opportunities to offer higher-end and more expensive services.

Full service wash or complete detailing are a couple of expensive services you can offer those customers. The type of customers you want to draw in will also have an impact in your marketing strategy as well.


This is one of the most important parts in planning your car wash business. Without the required funds, your business will be dead in the water. Once you have all the areas of your car wash business planned out, it will be time to add up the costs.

Once you figure out the costs and how much money you can put in to your business yourself, you’ll have an idea of what kind of funds you may need to get your business started.

Start by Partnering with the Right Team

Over the years, we have installed car wash equipment for hundreds of new entrepreneurs and experienced owners across North America, and we can help you bring more profit to your business. We will find the right solutions to fit your business.

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