Do You Work at a Car Wash and Want to Open Your Own?


If you work at a car wash and believe that you can create your own profitable car wash business, you’re in luck. You don’t have to be a business tycon to take over your boss’ car wash, but you do have to be a bit smart about it.

Starting your own small business isn’t easy but the results can be worth the effort. Instead of relying on another business owner to get paid, you can create your own business,  focusing your own skills and effort into profits that are impossible to create working for  someone else.

Gauge the Competition

One of the first steps to take in the process of using your own experience to create a car wash business involves studying the competition to determine where and how to best launch your business. While it’s not impossible to draw customers away from established car washes, it’s far better to fill a vacuum created by the lack of any car wash business at all. When you hear people say “location, location, location” it’s for a reason: it’s the most important aspect of opening a new business.

Learn From Other Owners

The expertise that you gain working for a car wash gives you inside information on the details of successfully running this type of business. Mistakes that your boss and other car wash owners make need not be replicated when you open your own company. Make sure you speak with other owners in such a way that it doesn’t appear like you’re using them as part of your plan to take business away from them. The last thing you need is a competitor with a vested interest in destroying your business before it begins.

Develop a Rapport With Customers

There’s a good chance that the people you currently serve at the car wash are the same who will be visiting your business when it’s ready. If you’re interested in starting your own car wash, one of the easiest ways to establish a customer base before you begin is by developing solid relationships with people that you already serve.

Getting a leg up on established washes can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t sure about the best type of equipment to invest in. The process of drawing customers to your business can be a slow process but it doesn’t have to be. Following these tips and consulting with knowledgeable companies such as Ryko will help turn your dream into a reality.