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An All-Inclusive Carwash
Even the very best of carwashes don’t always provide numerous customer options. Customers demand both quality and options simultaneously. Located on the west side of Middletown, DE, less than a hundred yards from the main traffic artery route 301, you’ll find a carwash that offers a combination of both. Diamond Carwash, a family-owned and operated gem whose secret sauce is their attention to detail, preparation, and knowledgeable customer service is a multi-faceted business with a spectrum of offerings for its patrons. Owner, Todd Whichard, a retired district manager in the chemicals industry is no stranger to the carwash business and he used his familiarity with the market to start an impressive business. Diamond Carwash boasts a 100-foot conveyer tunnel, a brand new in-bay automatic from Ryko, a newly remodeled do-it-yourself dog wash, and 3 self-service bays that include one that is uncovered to accommodate large trucks, boats, and other oversized vehicles. Patrons can also access vending machines and an ATM for their convenience. Additionally, a new software package is on the near horizon that will run automation of the tunnel with an app that people can purchase and use to expedite their experience.
Now a prime location, Middletown, DE was once a farming community twenty years ago and has steadily grown to become a thriving area. It was recently named the number one town in DE to raise a family. Industry and commerce are abundant in this location with Amazon, a chemical company, NAPA, and two privately owned movie theaters surrounding Whichard’s site. In fact, Diamond Carwash is strategically located on the west side of town right off of route 301, the connecting highway that goes from DE to Annapolis, MD and eventually turns into route 50 to Washington, DC. Diamond Carwash offers up the type of attention to detail that customers are looking for while continuing to evolve with each new technological and marketing advancement that the business implements.

Great Preparation, Great Results
Vehicle preparation stands out at Diamond Carwash as one of its stronger competitive advantages and there is plenty of customer praises that back up this claim. Many have pointed out in online reviews how “amazing the car preparation is” and that “right when you enter the wash the experience is great, employees are so friendly.” It’s no wonder that the average Google rating is close to 5 stars. “Meticulous vehicle preparation is the number one request of customers in his area and Diamond Carwash is focused intently on this aspect of the process,” explains Whichard. A thoughtful method goes into spraying wheels, brushing front windshields, scrubbing bumpers, placing protective wiper covers, and applying bug cleaner to the windows and mirrors of every car.

Choosing Timeless Quality
Nearly a year after taking over the business, it was clear to Whichard that his self-service bay inevitably needed replacing. “After spending the better part of that year on maintenance and troubleshooting, we weren’t seeing the return on the time investment,” says Whichard. In his search for timeless equipment that lasts, Whichard reacquainted himself with Ryko through extensive research. “I knew Ryko from my days in the field as a chemical sales representative and district manager. My area was from Virginia to NY to Chicago and I had exposure to Ryko’s reputation as the gold standard throughout my career.” As a result of his pursuit of top-of-the-line equipment, Whichard employed Ryko to convert his out dated in-bay automatic, which used to be a self-service bay, into a state of the art in-bay automatic equipped with wheel blasters, chemical tire applicators, and the color wave finishing curtain applicator with LED. The vehicle processing time is just under an impressive five minutes for the top wash package, which allows for the opportunity to service more vehicles per hour.
Based on his success in the industry to date, Whichard has some valuable words of advice for future carwash entrepreneurs. “Learn your market better than anyone else and find your unique offerings that only you can provide to customers.”