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The First of its Kind

You often hear the success stories of stand-alone automatic car washes but there are also plenty of hidden gems that exist as part of major gas station businesses. Such is the case with Sam’s Mobil Carwash located in Corona, CA. Sam’s is one of Ryko’s longest standing customers and the first Mobil franchise to have an express auto wash in the continental United States. It’s located in the picturesque mountain town of Corona where pleasant 65-degree winters make all-year car washing abundant. Corona’s robust population is fed by a host of big businesses like Watson Pharmaceuticals, Kaiser Permanente, and Monster Beverage which all represent a wide spectrum of industries. It’s no wonder that an automatic carwash business would be set up for success in this environment as residents expect certain amenities, particularly an easily accessible carwash.

Small but Effective

The first wash installed at Sam’s Mobil in 1984 had a simple design and quickly became popular as people were now able to get fast, efficient, and affordable carwashes after fueling up their vehicles and purchasing any essentials in the Mobil store. The next series of updates included a select-a-wash with touch-free and friction options followed by Ryko’s Foambrite wash. Eventually, in order to keep pace with increasing volume, Sam’s opened up walls to fit a newly expanded tunnel. ͞Space has always been an issue so we had to use it wisely. As a result, we built the smallest tunnel available—the mini-tunnel. This provided us with 50 feet by 30 feet of tunnel,͟ explains Sam Lukeh, owner and operator of Sam’s Mobil. In February of 2018, Sam’s once again partnered with Ryko to install the Softgloss Maxx five-brush system. Lukeh explains that ͞the Softgloss Maxx is a highly effective wash that customers love. I’ve been told by patrons that it takes care of all their vehicle’s trouble spots.͟It’s no wonder that Sam’s Mobil Wash processes over 100 cars per day and even more on weekends. Customers want quality and value and Sam’s is offering both very effectively.

Loyal to a Company that Cares

When Mobil made the decision in the early 80s to enter into the carwash business, there were no other car washes within the vicinity of Sam’s Mobil. Now in 2018, with three carwashes within one square mile of Sam’s, Lukeh has had to be sure his business stays competitive. ͞Ryko has helped my facility by continuously providing us with excellent carwash equipment. They know when a particular new system or piece of equipment could take us to the next level.͟Ryko provided a combination of maintenance, clean wash chemicals, and the right wash equipment to set up Sam’s Mobil Wash for success. Lukeh boasts about his excellent relationship with his Ryko Technician. ͞His name is Caesar and I call him the miracle man! When I have an issue, he listens and responds immediately. Ryko has always treated me amazing and that’s why I continue to be one of their longest standing customers. I would advise everyone in the car wash business to go with Ryko because their equipment is reliable and their service is unmatched.

What’s Next

The key to success for carwashes like Sam’s Mobil is in part, to leverage the unique business model of having gas, groceries, and carwash service all drawing in customers to feed each offering. However, unless each service is functioning at the highest level, the other businesses can suffer as an effect. Lukeh has always been very aware of this fact and partnered with Ryko to build a high- quality wash that has served so many returning customers over the past three decades. When it comes to the size of his wash, Lukeh reminds everyone that Sam’s Mobil Carwash is the perfect size for his business and for the community. Patrons appreciate the quality and value offered at Sam’s and that isn’t something that he wants to change. When asked what he would tell aspiring carwash owners about venturing into this business, Lukeh recalls an important story he would share with them. ͞I remember years ago after one of our remodels, the then president of Ryko came in to town and took me to dinner. I was really surprised by this gesture and how much he cared! This is the type of company they are. They want to see their customers succeed.