The active-contouring, four-fan onboard dryer (20HP) with flow diverters is the perfect option for giving your customers a dry, shiny car while they sit and relax.

The onboard dryer is compatible with the following wash systems:

Ryko’s SlimLine stand-alone dryer allows car wash operators with limited space to offer revenue-boosting drying service.


  • Noise-reduction package
  • Countdown timer
  • Two- or three-fan models available

The SlimLine dryer is compatible with the following wash systems:

The ThrustPro free-standing dryer from Ryko is the best touch-free dryer on the market today and offers an excellent revenue-generating option for your car wash.


  • Fan covers
  • Noise-reduction package
  • Countdown timer

The ThrustPro dryer is compatible with the following wash systems:

The Tech 21 car wash drying system gives you total control over your drying process. Package it with the optional SMART nozzle to give you even more control of your car wash dryer, allowing you to target those hard-to-dry areas like side mirrors and vehicle backs. The Tech 21 is available in 20, 30 or 40 HP package systems, or can be customized as a Pro-Build system to suit your specific needs.


  • Engineered for safety, performance and less noise with an aerodynamic shape and molded, stainless-steel reinforced housing
  • Touchless drying creates a clean, open tunnel for a pleasant experience
  • Dries backs of vehicles and mirrors
  • 155 mph air speed
  • Flexible design allows for customization
  • Stainless-steel reinforced molded producer housings for greater safety and less noise
  • Dynamically balanced fan
  • One-year manufacturer warranty on drive system

The MacNeil Tech 21 Dryer is compatible with the following wash systems: