How to Up-sell Your Car Wash at a C-Store


A car wash is a great addition to any convenience store operation. They help drive volume at both the pumps and in the stores, and a well-performing car wash will encourage customers to visit the store and make additional purchases, increasing store revenue. Here’s a few ways to help up-sell your car wash at your convenience store.

Offer a loyalty program
Advertise a loyalty program. Not only will drive business to the car wash, the car wash will help drive business to the C store. It’s a win-win. A good program will also lead to increased loyalty of your customer by word of mouth, a big benefit to car wash operators

On the move
Get your customers in the store by offering them a discount that requires them to step inside. Perhaps it’s a printed discount that can be redeemed, or a bonus discount purchase with the purchase of a car wash.
Fuel the sale with facetime

Your staff should be trained on suggestive selling to help increase the volume of car wash purchases. Many customers will accept a cross-sell or up-sell offer if given a good reason to accept it, so make sure that every customer that makes a purchase in the store gets asked if they want or wash or, if they’re already buying one, if they want to upgrade to the top wash to get the added features.

Discount the fuel
Offer a discount on fuel with the purchase of a wash. Because of the higher profit margin on a car wash, store operators often discount the fuel cost instead of discounting the car wash.
With the ever changing gas prices, offering a discount of a few cents is a more powerful than discounting a car wash a dollar or two.

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