Build Up Your Benefits With an Express Tunnel


In today’s competitive market, customers look for convenience. With rising c-store options on the market, it’s more important to stand out now than ever before. A variety of services, like a car wash, provides a one-stop shopping experience for busy consumers. If you don’t have a car wash at your convenience store, it’s time to build one.

What Customers Want

Today’s consumer-savvy customers value their time and money, and good quality at a competitive price is the golden ticket.

Dig the Discount: Customers love to get a deal. Help your c-store stay competitive by cross-promoting car wash sales at the pump with deals they can’t get at the competition.

Love the Loyalty: Loyalty programs and frequent rewards are value-added perks to help build loyalty and foster repeat business.

Cue the Clean Up: While filling up, customers love to clean up. Adding a car wash, waste bins, mat cleaners, and free vacuums are a big draw.

How Will You Benefit?

By adding a car wash to your c-store, you’re adding a whole new layer of opportunity. At-home car washing has decreased by more than 20% percent in the last two decades, with 71% of customers opting to use a commercial car wash.

Rising Cars: New car sales are at record highs, which calls for an increase in services. As the professional car wash industry continues to grow, it’s a great way to capitalize on the cars on the road.

Smooth Operators: With cutting edge technology and the latest and greatest in car wash equipment, car wash profits continue to increase as car wash owners experience a reduction in labor and utility costs.

Minimize the Maintenance: As point-of-sale systems become state-of-the-art, owners experience less downtime and maintenance of equipment.

Pump Up the Profits: A variety of add-on services provide opportunities to up-sell and improve profits at the pump and at the terminal.

The Recipe for Success

How can you ensure your car wash will be a success?

Plan It: Thorough market research and site planning will set you on the road to success.

Make the Investment: Invest in modern, efficient equipment that will allow you to expand and customize with add-ons.

Opt for Innovation: Opt for innovative technology to minimize labor, maintenance costs and utility expenses.

Marvelous Marketing: Ensure that you fully integrate marketing and promotions with your c-store

Top-Tier Training: Enlist professional training for your operations staff.


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