Hot Tips for a Successful Summer


Spring has sprung, and with it comes the flurry of car wash customers clamoring to get summer ready and brush off winter’s dirt and grime.

The busiest time for a car wash is often during the winter months, and traffic tends to cool after the initial spring flurry. During the summer slowdown, it can be hard to drive business to a car wash site.

Consider our top tips to help keep things hot and drive traffic to your site all summer long.

Pick the perfect people

Choose and train employees that can help leverage your site during lulls. An employee with an outgoing, enthusiastic attitude will be more likely to engage the customer and help propel them to a sale. If it’s a customer’s first visit, they can tell them about a great new promotion for first time visitors. They can take the time to highlight wash package value to returning customers.

Cross-train all employees. Not only will cross-training add value, it will give staff a sense of responsibility. During a slow period, they can consult the maintenance schedule and perform routine tasks.

Prime your promotions

The summer is a great time to launch specials and promotions. Get outdoors and get visible by connecting with your community, from local businesses to sports teams. Sponsor an event or offer an incentive or promotion to bring them to your car wash, like coupons at a playoff game or a free car wash with a purchase at a local vendor’s establishment.

Equip yourself

A slow time is a great time to turn your attention to your equipment. Jazz it up with some fresh new features, like a light show or colored foam. Check the basics, like hoses, nozzles and drains to ensure all is in good working order.

Create curb appeal

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but people notice pretty quickly when things are looking dull and drab. It’s all in the details. Take the time to circle your property and take note of what needs to be done. Freshen up flower beds, wash windows, paint doors, and clear the concrete of any stains. Replace faded signage and maybe add something new and bold to attract passing traffic.

Ready to infuse your car wash with that summertime magic? We’re here to help.