Car Wash Safety 101: Protect Yourself with Our Tips


Car Wash Safety 101: Protect Yourself with Our Tips

A commercial car wash is a busy place with its own set of hazards, from cars coming and going to handling chemicals and working with large mechanical systems. Always put safety first. Our tips will help safeguard against injuries and keep your car wash running smoothly.

Setup for safety

Personal safety is paramount in a workplace environment that poses multiple hazards.

  • Ensure all cameras on the property are in good working condition.
  • Assess your lighting situation. Make sure all areas are well lit inside and out.
  • Training is important to prevent accidents. Cross-train employees so they can confidently handle the ins and outs of multiple tasks.
  • Ensure that employee uniforms allow them to be easily identified and seen, especially in snowy, windy or foggy weather.
  • Create an emergency checklist so that everyone knows the procedures in case of injury.

Equipment education

All staff need to be trained in order to operate equipment safely. For comprehensive training, your vendor is a great place to start.

  • Take a walkthrough your facility daily prior to start up to flag any concerns.
  • Create a daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure both you and your staff know how to shut down equipment in case of an emergency.
  • Know what to look for when reading gauges and monitors.
  • Know how the changes in weather might affect your equipment and adjust your procedures accordingly.

Handle with care

Handling chemicals is risky business. Manage the risk by knowing the rules.

  • All employees should go through safety training prior to handling chemicals, and understand all product labels and warnings.
  • Ensure all proper protection is provided, from eye protection to gloves.
  • All employees should know the procedures in case of an emergency.

Vehicle Safety

With so many people in a rush and on the go, a car wash can get chaotic quickly during busy periods.

  • Make sure signage offers clear, simple instructions.
  • Guide drivers to your car wash to limit zig zagging and congestion on the property.
  • Use orange cones to identify and control the direction and flow of traffic.

Now that your car wash is safe and secure, contact us to find out how we can help you take your business to the next level.