Converting to a Mini Express Tunnel


How to know if converting to a Mini Express Tunnel is Right for You

Converting your car wash to a Mini Express can count when it comes to your bottom line, but how can you determine if a conversion is the right choice for you?

What to consider

Survey the space: Get out your measuring tape! To convert, you have to have the right amount of building space to accommodate both the cleaning and car loading space. If you use a front wheel pull style conveyor, you will need space that’s at least 55 feet long by 15 feet wide by 12 feet high. For a rear wheel push style conveyor, you will require a minimum of 60 feet in length by 15 feet in width by 12 feet in height.

Property size: The right property is the key to maintaining good traffic flow. Do you have an adequate amount of room to accommodate proper ingress and egress, vehicle stacking and queuing?

Terrific traffic: It’s not as simple as ‘if you build it, they will come.’ What are your current traffic and car counts like? If you have gas pumps, does converting make sense based on your volume? For example, you can estimate that for every 80 gallons of fuel pumped, you will wash a minimum of one car.

Critical competition: Who are the other people in your neighborhood, your competition? What are they offering? Is it a similar service to what you already provide?

Why Convert?

Put verve into your volume: A Mini Express will increase car wash volumes. In fact, you’ll go from washing 9 cars/hour to 50 cars/hour. That’s a lot of traffic!

Bigger bucks: You can increase the revenue per car by up to $2.50 per vehicle when you offer add-ons like wheel dressing and tire cleaning to the menu.

More money in your pocket: Touch car wash systems use fewer chemicals and energy than touchless, so you’ll also save as much as 20-30% on your cost per car.

But isn’t it a lot of time and hassle to convert?

NO! We start with preparing the site, by ensuring the building is ready and the proper utility requirements are in place. Then, we install the equipment, including the wash equipment and point of sale system. Our streamlined process results in minimal downtime to get you operating quickly and efficiently.


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