Problem Free Maintenance


Our must-have guide to proper maintenance before your equipment fails


Equipment that performs well can help increase business and improve your bottom line, but poor-performing equipment can cause business to grind to a halt. Equipment failure can happen to any part at any time, and it’s often at the worst time.

A shutdown will shut out customers and profits. So how can you avoid the dreaded shutdown? Implement an effective maintenance program to safeguard your car wash.

How can you do this?

Develop a maintenance system to keep equipment working like new for years to come. When something is new, like a new car, we often forget about servicing it because there’s no noticeable problems. Just like a car needs regular maintenance, so does your car wash to stop problems before they start.

Cheers for checklists

To create a system that works, start by creating a checklist that outlines what needs to be checked or serviced, and when. Make sure you keep a log so that you can track what was serviced and by whom.

Identify the pieces of equipment that need to be maintained and how often, and then schedule the maintenance around that timeline.

Keep it simple by eliminating the guesswork. If you’re performing simple maintenance like replacing hoses and nozzles, consider replacing them all at the same time so you know that they’ve all been taken care of.

Plan for the year

Categorize items by daily, monthly and annual service checks. This will create an easy-to-follow schedule of maintenance for all equipment.

Lean on your manufacturer

Listen to the manufacturer. They are the experts on your equipment, and they’ll be able to advise you on what and when to maintain it. Consider investing in a service plan.

Queue up for quality

A good manufacturer has invested in developing the best possible product, and today’s manufacturers are developing systems that will last longer and require less service, giving you more uptime. Invest in equipment that will be with you for the long haul. When making a purchase, make sure it meets the demands of your business. Are materials non-corrosive? Can it withstand repetitive use?

Need help creating a comprehensive maintenance plan? Our team is here to offer expert advice.