Revving up for a carwash retrofit – Top reasons when and why it’s time to buy


As a carwash owner, you’ve likely been working with the same carwash equipment for many years. If your equipment is old and outdated, it might be time for an upgrade. Retrofitting your facility allows you to maximize your ROI while making the most of what you already have.

How do you know it’s time to upgrade/retrofit your carwash? Here’s a few ways sluggish equipment is draining the profits from your business.

  • You’re experiencing a lot of down time.
  • Equipment is slow, so productivity is low.
  • You’re spending a lot of money on repairs.
  • Your technology is outdated.

How can you make your retrofit work for you?
New technology helps increase efficiencies and yield better cleaning results. Even aesthetically, better signage can help increase visibility, resulting in better traffic and an increase in potential revenue.

Added features
Adding new features can help increase your price per car by adding value-added incentives.

Price wise
Replacing old, inefficient equipment will update your look and lower your operating and maintenance costs.

Conquering the cost
Worried about the price? Carwash upgrades can be leased instead of purchased, allowing you to spread out the cost of a retrofit over time, rather than sinking a large amount of capital into the project.

Leasing also allows you to test new equipment before making a decision to purchase.

How big should I go?
That’s up to you. Simple changes in hardware can include swapping accessories, like brushes, and adding eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. A larger retrofit project might swap out an entire system to add a new bay.

Deciding factors
There’s a lot of reasons to retrofit your carwash, but the decision has to be right for you. Create an annual checklist to evaluate where you are at, and consider aspects like: What are my competitors offering? What’s new and exciting in wash equipment? How can I make my carwash more efficient? Am I providing a great carwash experience, and if I’m not, what can I do to get there?

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