Add a Carwash to Add Opportunity to Your Convenience Store or Gas Station


Convenience stores and gas bars. They’re often a go-to place to grab fuel, snacks, lottery tickets and last minute grocery items.

Adding a car wash service is a natural next step to offering all things convenient. They can turn a single service site into a multi-concept centre with a great opportunity for profit.

Thinking of upping your game at your convenience store or gas bar operation? Here’s a few reasons why adding a car wash will help clean up profits.

  1. Car wash systems are more effective than ever. Reclaimed and environmentally friendly systems are designed to clean more efficiently and use fewer resources. With the option to automate with pay stations and mobile devices, operating expenses are more reasonable than ever. If you can keep a carwash well maintained, you’ll enjoy maximum profits for a moderate effort.
  2. As more convenience stores begin to offer fuel and other services, it makes sense to offer customers the option to get their cars cleaned. It’s a value-add that caters to all a customer’s needs in one convenient location, which helps to boost sales and attract additional customers.
  3. The market is in your favour. Carwashes are experiencing an upswing in their industry, making it a great time to invest.
  4. Price is not a factor. Customers use convenience stores for the convenience of it. This allows businesses to enjoy higher profit margins, and allows customers to take advantage of more services at one location. It’s a win-win.
  5. We’re living busier lives than ever before, and a carwash offers a much-needed service in a time-constricted world. A well-positioned system with quick, efficient service adds value that will keep customers coming back.

Want to add a car wash system to your convenience store or gas bar? We can help.