Top Tips to Improve your C-Store Car Wash


We’re all looking for ways to attract customers and boost sales at our car wash. Finding new ideas to improve a car wash business can be challenging. Start with the basics, including a few simple tips to optimize your convenience store operations.

1. First impressions count. Poor lighting, dirty windows, blocked walkways and old, faded signage give the impression that your store is run down. Brighten things up with ample lighting. Clean up your act with shining windows a welcoming entrance. Ensure that all your lit signage works and is placed where it can be easily seen.

2. Understand your customers. Know what your customers are looking for when they walk through the door. A convenience store can offer more than snacks and air fresheners. Take note of what your customers are asking for and cater to their needs by having sought-after items in stock.

3. Sign me up. Not only do professional signs look good, they are one of the first things a customer sees as they drive by. Use signs to display new exciting offers. Flag signs will grab a customer’s attention, while window signs and counter signs can be used to highlight current discounts or upcoming promotions.

4. Create the right image. Create an organized, clean and welcoming environment inside and out. Position products where they will be seen, giving your good sellers a prime location where they will be noticed. Ensure that your cash desk is clean and free of clutter.

5. Create a car wash they can’t say no to. A well-run car wash will create repeat customers. It will drive traffic to your location and provide the opportunity for additional sales at your convenience store.

Don’t forget great customer service! You got them through the door, now wow them with attentive, courteous service. It’s the little things that count.
Are you looking to improve your car wash system, or add one to your gas station or convenience store? Our experts are ready to answer your questions.
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