Five Ways to Clean Up Car Wash Profits at Your Car Dealership


Why should a car dealership invest in an automatic car wash? For starters, for a dealership, car care is part of the day-to-day routine. Customers expect to be greeted by row upon row of clean, shiny cars each time they step onto the lot. A dealership is a perfect playground for clean car care!

Here are a few other reasons adding a car wash to a dealership can help clean up cars and create profits:

  1. Adding an automatic car wash to a dealership can help boost customer satisfaction. For example, offering a free car wash after a visit to the service center is a value-add that will help increase satisfaction and keep customers coming back. It also sends the subtle signal that the dealership provides quality offerings, which can boost public perception of the validity of the dealership.
  2. It helps keep costs to a minimum. Often, less staff is needed to run an on-site automatic car wash. When comparing that to the crew needed for a full-service manual car wash, costs add up over time.
  3. Quality is king, but we want it on time and at a good price. Lives are busier than ever, and time is often a factor when making decisions. An automatic car wash cuts down on the time needed to get the customer in and out the door. If you invest in the right equipment, it also does the job thoroughly, so customers leave with a clean, sparkling car each and every time. Top quality service is critical in maintaining a successful business.
  4. You can expand your horizons. Not only can the car wash system be used to support the dealership, offering a discount to customers that are not using the service center will bring in additional revenue. Open it up to the public and capture even more profits.
  5. Saves time and money for the dealership. If the volume of daily washes becomes so great that a hand-wash operation can’t keep up, it’s time to add more manpower or add a system that can do the job quickly yet effectively. Check out your costs to see if an automatic car wash system makes sense.

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