Get Your Car Wash Cold Weather Ready


It’s getting cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your profits have to cool down.

As the cold creeps in, carwash owners should start thinking about how to best serve their customers as they battle the elements. Snow, salt and slush can damage a cars delicate finish, and winter weather can be an unpredictable thing. Carwash owners should be ready for the onslaught of customers that are sure to appear when the weather changes.  If you’re not ready, customers will move on to the next carwash that is.

Don’t let the cold weather freeze you out.  Check out our hot tips to get your carwash system cold weather ready.

Ice, ice baby

Frozen driveways and entrances are dangerous. Doors that don’t slide smoothly or properly slow down and even halt service. Inspect all areas frequently and keep them ice-free. Check nozzles for debris and ensure that your air and water pressure are at full capability.

Don’t be a drain on the system

Nothing will shut you down faster than a system that’s not circulating and draining water properly. Check regularly for any damage to your plumbing and wash systems in the colder months. Ensure that  everything is functioning well and that your system is properly timed.Frozen car covered with snow and ice

The heat is on

When the temperature goes down, the heat goes up. Check your climate control to make sure dials are set to the optimal temperature. Check that thermostats, timers and heaters are working. Fix any leaks that might compromise your settings from working optimally.

Test run your system regularly and make adjustments as needed. Want to grow your car wash business? Ask us about expanding your equipment.