Keep Your Car Wash Sizzling In The Summer


Top tips to keep your car wash business hot for the summer season.


It’s that time of year when the sun comes out and the customer’s line up to get their cars summer-ready after months of dirt and grime. But often, car wash businesses tends to cool off after the initial flurry, and customers become a lot more willing to wash their own cars at home. In fact, according to Wash Trends, the most profitable time for car washes is the winter, when business makes up 32% percent of annual earnings. Spring and summer seasons take in 25% of annual earnings, and that tapers off to 18% in the fall. Want to heat things up? Here’s a few tips to keep things hot in the summer months.

Keep it clean

A slow time is a great time to turn your attention to maintenance. Check your property and identify where you can make small improvements. Ensure your landscaping is lush and full. Turn your attention to the driveway. Make sure directions and painted lines are sharp and easy to identify. Power wash your entrances and clean all your doors and signs.

Trained to last

Train your employees so that they can add value during peak periods and lulls. A well trained employee will not only add value, but by giving them a sense of responsibility, they will also remain motivated when things get slow. When there’s not much to do on the attendance front, brief them on the maintenance schedule, show them how to perform routine tasks.

Get visible

The summer is a great time to launch specials and promotions. Try out a national theme or take advantage of a national holiday to create a special offer.
Get outside! Connect with your local community. Attend a street party or BBQ or host one of your own. It’s a great time to take the opportunity to thank your regulars for their business and attract new customers. Sponsor local teams or a fundraiser for a local charity event or non-profit. Be visible to remain top of mind when it comes time for a customer to make a purchase.

Summer is also a great time to make sure you’ve got the best possible solution in place. Check out our promotions and contact us to find out how we can keep you in top shape all year long.