Drive Success Through Education With College Of Clean


Transform yourself into a true car wash expert! Our car wash training is unique and a step above the rest. You wouldn’t drive without a license, so why invest in a car wash without the right education?

The College of Clean offers interactive training programs in a dynamic training facility. Here, you’ll receive a hands-on education and gain a solid understanding of car wash operations.

The best part? Try the first workshop at no cost. The New Investor Workshop is free! Sign up to learn what it takes to be successful from car wash professionals that already work in the industry. This workshop provides an industry overview. We cover how to select a car wash site, how to write a business plan, financing, operations and more. Enroll today. Can’t come to us? We can come to you. Contact us at 855-893-1393 or for more details.

Once you have a basic knowledge under your belt, additional courses at a nominal fee cover everything you need to know. Thus, allowing you to run a successful car wash operation.

Learn about the five factors of clean, chemical application and reclaim systems at the two day Car Wash Cleaning Solutions workshop.

The three day Rollover Equipment Maintenance and Repair workshop covers electrical and pneumatics, interfaces, troubleshooting and more.

Put on your management hat for the three day Car Wash Management workshop where you’ll learn how to effectively manage employees, establish policies and procedures, work with vendors and improve site safety.

Ready to get on the road to car wash success? We’ll get you there. Connect with us to see how we can help you today.