Muscle or machine? Washing by hand versus an automatic carwash


The warmer weather is here, and driveway washing is a summer ritual that prompts car owners to break out a sponge and bucket. Should drivers invest the time and energy to clean their cars by hand or head out to the local car wash?

Hand washing

automatic car wash systems

Hand washing requires the time, tools and energy needed to clean to a shine. Not only can hand washing take up to a couple of hours to complete, the cost of buckets, soap, sponges, brushes and chamois quickly add up.

Rags and sponges can become gritty with dirt that can scratch a cars paint and clear coat, ruining the finish.

A garden hose can’t generate the water volume and pressure needed to remove soap film from the surface of the car. Anything left behind will slowly dull the finish over time.

Automatic car wash systems


An automatic car wash saves time and hassle. Unlike old bristle-style car washes, automatic systems are now equipped with soft cloths and brushes to protect a vehicles finish,  preventing the damage that may happen from improper hand washing.

Automatic systems get to hard-to-reach areas like wheels, fenders and the undercarriage for a more complete clean. Car wash systems also offer customized options. Need a wax or protective coating? Add it to your automatic car wash service and save time and money. Your car will clean to a shine in minutes.

New, efficient systems are gentler to the environment. They recycle and reuse water, lowering overhead costs and conserving water usage.

Spend your lazy, hazy days of summer lounging, relaxing and catching rays. An automatic car wash system offers a quick, convenient alternative to the labors of hand washing.  Let us help you optimize your automatic car wash systems today.