Is Your Car Wash Ready For Summer?


As the rain and road grime of spring give way to the rays of summer, bright skies and clear roads signal long lines at the car wash.  Is your car wash warm weather ready? Check out our tips to ensure you maintain a smooth operation all summer long.

Tune it up

It’s a great time to inspect and tune up equipment. Maximize cleaning power by topping up cleaning supplies and making sure all equipment is running smoothly. An optimized car wash will deliver a reliable, quality experience and keep customers coming back.

Connect with customers

Connect to keep them coming back. Offer loyalty programs and incentives. A stamp program allows customers to earn a free car wash after a number of visits, and everyone loves a deal. Post updates on social media, write blogs about new and improved services. Today’s technology makes it easy to send email updates and promotions.

Prepare for the peak

Long lines and poor service has customers running for the exit. It’s tough to anticipate when when business may spike, but monitoring volume and making a few adjustments, like adding additional, well-trained staff members during high-volume periods can help. Hiring and training new staff? Don’t wait until the peak hits. Bring them on-board with plenty of time to adjust to the job and learn how to meet expectations.

Something old, something new

Is your equipment up to the job? Summer is a great time to re-evaluate your car wash system. Does your system offer what customers are looking for? Is it efficient? Can it handle volume? A few simple updates can improve efficiency and drive more traffic to your car wash than ever before.

We’ve installed car wash equipment for hundreds of new and experienced owners across North America over the years. We’ve got the right solution to fit your business. Find out more about how we can help optimize your needs.