What is your outdated car wash equipment actually costing you?


Thinking of upgrading old car wash equipment but worried about the cost of purchasing a new system?

Though the cost of purchasing new equipment can be daunting, trying to maintain old car wash equipment may end up costing thousands due to operating costs. Here’s how.

Old vs. New: What’s the difference? 
Today’s technology moves at a faster pace than ever before. When we know better, we do better. Sleek and innovative, new technology is more streamlined and efficient. Here’s a few ways that the use of technology helps make car wash equipment cost effective and efficient:

• The high-pressure nozzles work quickly and use less water
• Computer-controlled systems efficiently control the amount of water your car wash uses per vehicle
• Reclaimed and recycled water systems save water and dollars

Water waste 
Many drought-stricken areas have implemented strict water conservation rules in an attempt to save water.
If your system is aging, you could be drowning in problems. Inefficient systems can waste gallons of water per vehicle, putting a strain on water consumption and forcing many car washes to work on reduced hours or close to meet the area guidelines on usage.
Newer systems implement reclaimed water programs, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Updating your equipment saves money
New technology has built-in efficiency and conservation practices that old equipment can’t complete with.

Old systems are water leaches, sucking water reserves and causing costly repairs due to tired and outdated mechanics. They spill and waste gallons of water, crank up water bills and struggling parts use more energy. Though new equipment is an investment upfront, it will pay off over time with reduced bills and lower maintenance costs.

Ready, set, upgrade!  
Are you ready to upgrade? Ryko Solutions can help. Over the years, we’ve installed and upgraded car wash equipment for hundreds of clients. We’ll help find the right solution to make your business profitable.  Get started today.