More Than Just A Clean Car – Five Reasons To Own A Carwash


Whether you want to stay competitive, are looking for extra income or want to attract new customers, a car wash is a great opportunity. With car ownership on the rise, owning a carwash is proofing to yield better benefits than ever before.

Check out five reasons why car washes can be a great investment.

1. It’s in high demand
Car owners are often too busy to wash their own cars. A carwash is a much needed, convenient service. With more and more cars on the road, the need for carwashes is on the rise, offering more opportunity for a greater return on your investment.

2. It’s poised for profit
Whether you own a convenience store or gas bar, making money is a driving force for store owners, and with the increase in customers using your car wash and visiting your store, sales are bound to increase.

3. The options are endless- choose once that suits you
Some car wash systems will be more ideal than others depending on your location, business goals and investment price point. Go large or go small, from full service to an in-bay automatic, the option is yours.

4. It’s a way to expand your business
Perhaps you are looking to open up stores in new locations or you want to expand your business by offering new services. A carwash can be a solid investment to help you reach your goals. Opening a new store with a car wash can greatly increase your profits.

5 It could mean having an edge over your competition
A car wash could be the service your competitors are lacking, or if they do have one, you might be offering a better service to stay ahead of the game.

Looking to open a carwash business. Ryko can help. We have a range of car wash systems to choose from. Not sure what system will work for you? We’re here to guide you. Contact us today for more information.