Create a Car Wash Menu that Increases Profit


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When a customer pulls up to your car wash, the menu is the first impression of what you can offer them.

Creating a great car wash menu takes planning. Provide options that allow a customer to feel confident when making a decision. If there’s too many choices and not enough time to decide, making a decision can become frustrating, and customers may go with the first low price option they see. 

Help your customer feel empowered and confident with their choice by keeping communication clear and concise. Let’s explore what makes a menu great.

Less is more

If you’ve ever flipped through a large restaurant menu, you’ll know it’s frustrating to make a choice when faced with page after page of options. Too many choices muddy the decision-making waters. Not only does it create confusion, it also leaves room for doubt and buyer’s remorse.

Customers want to be confident in their choices, but too many options turns an easy experience into a confusing one. When customers are confused, they may choose a basic wash because they don’t know what else they want. Simple is best.

How much is enough?

To create a clean purchase environment, consider creating three to five packages that combine the services that your customers most need, and place the rest of your offerings in an additional, a-la-carte menu.

So what information should you include in the menu? Package names, a description of services and pricing are all important components of any menu board.

Curb the creativity

Consider naming your packages with simple, easy to remember headlines. Something like ‘The Ultimate Wash’ or ‘The Gold Package’ allows your customer to immediately connect that what they are purchasing is top of the line service, whereas something like ‘The Show Stopper’ or ‘The Suds King’ does not.

Dive into details

Highlight what each package includes, and provide clear breakdown so customers can see the value of each package. 

Doing this allows a customer to quickly find the right package for the right price for an easy, stress-free experience.

What will it cost me

Clearly outline pricing so customers can connect the value with the service they are purchasing. 

Customers should be able to quickly scan the board and find what they need. Offer larger, all-inclusive packages, and simple ad-on’s to make the purchase process quick and seamless.

When the choice is quick and stress-free, customers will have confidence in their decision.

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