The Formula for Success


Strike the right Chemical Balance!


A clean car starts with the right chemicals. Choose a brand that’s made to perform in the toughest conditions, and cuts through grime for maximum results, time and time again.  

Have you experienced the CleanTouch? Our products combine the best in wash products to drive customer loyalty and keep them coming back to your car wash. Here’s a few options to consider when striking the right chemical balance.

Soak it

Choose a non-corrosive car wash pre-soak designed to remove heavy dirt. Our CleanTouch Formula effectively removes organic soils and fragments while protecting the car’s surface.

Foam it Up

Our neutral, low PH foaming detergents are highly concentrated, and come in a variety of colors and scents. Whether you’re looking for a high-foaming, hard water resistant formula like our White Foam Detergent or a vivid, color show with our color detergents, we’ve got your cars covered. 

Dry Off

Get long-lasting shine with our rinsing and drying solutions. Our formulas provide a protective layer without any residue or smudging.

Our polymer fortified clear coat protectant offers a long-lasting coating, while our WaxLuster, a formula with a sweet citrus scent, is one of our popular yet economical agents to achieve dry cars.

Shine Like a Diamond

Seal and protect your investment with a quality sealant or protectant.  Check out our formula options like our Ceramic Glaze.

With a variety of products to suit any car wash environment, we’ve got your chemical needs covered. For more options, check out the full range of CleanTouch solutions. Confused about chemicals? We can help you to find a formula that’s right for you.