Increase Your Car Wash Profits Today!


Looking to drive up your car wash profits? Is your car wash facility optimizing your time and money effectively? Are you attracting new customers? Bringing back previous customers? We’ve highlighted a few ways you can increase your profits today.

Clean up your costs

Saving on water and cleaning agents will save on costs. With the environmental landscape changing, businesses have to adapt to remain competitive. Not only are customers looking for more dollar%20signsustainable products and services, like water conservation and less chemicals leeching into the environment, environmentally friendly practices also save you money in the long run. Choose an option that reclaims or recycles water for future wash cycles. Reducing water usage will also help decrease water supply bills, a win-win for both you and the environment.

Go for quality

It’s tempting to save money and go with the cheaper option, but it’s not providing you savings if it’s costing you in the long-term. Invest in equipment that can service your volume without compromising the results. A poor result due to brushes that smear or scratch instead of gently clean means that customer isn’t coming back again. Good quality equipment and parts also last longer, are more reliable and will save you in the long run.

Drive traffic

Slow periods can be a challenge. Promotional campaigns during slow periods, like half-price car wash days, can help drive traffic to your car wash. In addition to traditional advertising  campaigns, hit the social network on gloomy or overcast days. Tweet or post about promotions to reach your customer base instantly.

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