Keep It Clean


You’ve invested time and money in a property and equipment. Everything is shiny and new. Maintaining your facility long-term will keep customers coming back and help ensure they have a top-notch car wash to come back to.

Take it outside

First impressions count. What does your facility say about you?

Make sure walkways and the driveway are swept often and power washed several times a year. Freshen up road markings with new paint at least once a year.

Empty trash bins often. Nothing makes a property more unapproachable than overflowing trash bins and papers blowing around. Edit your signage. Is it too much? Does it look worn? Does it need an update?

Examine your buildings exterior for signs of wear and tear. Repair cracks, freshen paint, clean awnings and signage. Wipe grime from mirrors, windows and security cameras. Replace light bulbs. All these things will reinforce the idea that your customers are getting the ultimate clean with their car wash experience.

More indoors

Is your wash bay clean and attractive? Clean is what you are selling, and nothing dulls the sparkle of a car wash quicker than rolling up and realizing the facility itself is unclean. How you maintain your interior is subconsciously giving your customers an indication of the kind of clean they can expect with their own experience.

The good news is dirt is easily kept at bay with a little consistent attention. Wash walls and equipment often, and power wash concrete floors to remove dirt and salt that can build up over time and make a wash tunnel appear dirty. Wipe down equipment and components. Ensure brushes, sponges and fabrics are clear of debris.

Not only will keeping your interior clean give a good impression, it will also keep your equipment in good working condition, cutting down on possible expenses.

Gather all your maintenance equipment like buckets, detergent and stray parts and tuck them out of sight. Clean, clutter-free sightlines help instill confidence with your customers that you’re running a smooth operation.