Touchless Systems Drive Results


Customers love the power and convenience of a touchless car wash

A state-of-the-art, automated touchless system is a great draw for car wash customers. Here’s a few reasons why touchless systems are getting all the love.

  • For starters, nothing comes in contact with a vehicle during the wash cycle, greatly reducing the incidence of vehicle damage.
  • A touchless car wash can handle a variety of vehicle types, so drivers of large SUV’s and utility trucks can enjoy the luxury of having their car washed.
  • Its high power spray often results in faster cycle times and better cleaning, offering customers a superior car wash experience.
  • Advanced technology has developed sensors that can see the vehicle and outline the contour of car for a more effective wash.
  • Unlike a typical automated car wash system that uses sponges and brushes, touchless technology utilizes high pressure water spray to clean the surface of a vehicle, reducing the likelihood of scratching the vehicle’s paint. With some regular brush systems, particles of sand and dirt can become trapped and then pressed against the vehicle, scratching the finish.
  • A touchless car wash cleans the entire vehicle rather than just the top and sides. Powerful sprays reach the vehicles undercarriage and eliminates the dirt, salt and grime that can settle and corrode the bottom.


Car wash manufacturers like Ryko are constantly researching and developing new and innovative car wash solutions. The Ryko Radius touchless system offers many benefits to car wash owners and their customers alike.

  • Side ultrasonics detect when a vehicle in position.
  • Its high throughput technology provides a faster, more though cleaning.
  • High velocity spray jets cut through dirt and grime.
  • The system is ready to customize with a reverse osmosis system, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • The spray manifold’s tilt feature prevents contact with wheels and rocker panels.
  • Durable stainless steel gantry mounting systems and ultrasonic vehicle positioning gets vehicles cleaner.

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