Amplify Your Car Wash Experience


Amplify your car wash experience and keep them coming back by adding fun into the function of your car wash

Have you considered adding a little excitement to your car wash experience? Not only will it will help differentiate you from the car wash down the street, it will help drive a customer’s purchasing decisions and overall satisfaction.

As a child, we all remember the thrill and the anticipation when the family car rolled up to the local car wash. Making your car wash exciting is one of the reasons customers will choose your car wash location, so why not make it dynamic? Light it up with brightly colored, eye-catching signs. Not only is it visually stimulating, colored lights and bright signage creates an impact that stays with the customer, and helps secure repeat business. So what can you do to add to your car wash experience?

At Ryko, our ColorWave finishing curtain works with in-bay automatic car wash equipment. It’s available as a retrofit kit or as an addition to your new car wash equipment. It dispenses wax, polish or surface sealant with the added bonus of a spectacular light show with LED lighting.

Also, Ryko has redesigned the SoftGloss MAXX cover sets with a premium LED lighting package. The all-new cover sets come with clean lines and curves. This gives the machine a distinctive look like no other. An all-new premium LED lighting package is now offered on the SoftGloss MAXX 5-brush machine. These ultra-bright LED lights flash in a rainbow of neon colors that will give car wash customers a dynamic show.

A powerful show will help create a lasting memory, so why not make it a good one?

Want to take your car wash’s visual design to the next level? Our team at Ryko has the tools to create visual appeal that will keep your customers coming back for more. We’re here to help.