Love Your Location!


If you’re in the process of opening a car wash, there’s lots to consider. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is location. Are you positioning your business where it can thrive? Can it be seen from the street? Is there an easy flow to the entrance and exit? Is there space to house multiple vehicles during peak times?

Here’s a few other aspects to consider when choosing the place you’ll call home.

Love your local laws

Zoning laws can vary from location to location. Make sure to research zoning regulations for any operating restrictions and local bylaw enforcement.

Let’s get visible

Take the time to walk around a potential location. Is it visible from the road? Can it be seen from multiple directions?


How will customers access your site? Is it too close or too far away from traffic lights? How about multiple entries and exits? Is it on a congested corner or stuck on a corner that’s not easy to turn in to? Can it handle volume on high traffic days?


Safety is important for you, your employees and your customers. Is the area well-lit? Are cameras able to easily monitor entrances and exits with no obstruction? Is it secluded or is there plenty of traffic?

Growth potential

Plan for tomorrow. Is there room for renovations or additions? Once your business is up and running, you may want to expand.


Who are the people in your neighborhood? Do other businesses compete with yours? Your competitors may have spent time and money to advertise and drive customers to your general location, so it must be a good one! A little competition never hurt anyone.

Supply for demand

Maintaining your car wash equipment, stocking supplies, making repairs. You’re going to need access. Make sure your suppliers are close at hand.